Be the hero in selling your home!

Learn about the advantages of relying on imovendo, a different Real Estate Company, which bets on the transparency and efficiency that the digital world allows to get you to sell your property at the best price, in the most effective way possible and always with you in the center of. the entire process.

Advantages for the owner

Fixed commission

Our commission is always the same, to ensure, from the first moment, full transparency and a fair value for your property.

Be your home spokesperson

As the largest specialist in your property, with immovendo, the owner is an integral part of the entire process and has full control in selling your apartment or villa.

Maximum exposure

Imovendo is a partner of the main national real estate portals, ensuring a prominent visibility of all the properties it discloses.

Always by your side

Our team of real estate heroes will always be with you just a click away, an SMS or a phone call.


You can always follow our performance and always have at your disposal a set of experts with super powers, which will allow you to make a transparent reading of the market.

Advantages for the buyer

Access to real information

All information provided about the property is validated by the imovendo team and the property owner ... We don't like fake news!

Talk to the owner

When you see the property through the eyes of its current owner, you will realize its value and have access to a unique view unfiltered by business interests.

Talk to us

Our team's mission is to ensure that any questions you have are answered ... this is the only way you can confidently advance to a bid.


Based on reliable information, professional photographs and a permanent follow-up from our team it's almost like living in your new home!

Fair price

Because we use widely tested algorithms and state-of-the-art technology to study portfolio properties, always pay the fair value for the property you want.

Advantages for the market

Higher efficiency

By ensuring greater confidence in transactions, imovendo contributes to a more fluid and efficient real estate market.

Best Raises

By using professional photographers and a dedicated team to describe the properties in the different portals, Imovendo contributes to a qualification of fundraising in the market.

Greater security

Real estate data is fragmented and difficult to obtain and both the owner and the buyer never have all the information they want to make a safe decision ... with imovendo it will be different.

Show your property to over 11.5 million visitors per month!

There are even more than 11.5 million visitors per month ... the number is not wrong and just reflects a simple market dynamic: potential buyers are not limited to looking in a single portal. For this reason, imovendo is prominently present on major online platforms to ensure YOUR home is seen, wanted, contacted ... and bought!